Sole Purpose or Soul Purpose?

What's Your Soul Purpose?
What’s Your Soul Purpose?

The other day, in a fit of frustration with one of my children, I caught myself saying, “Is my sole purpose to be at your beckon call?”  As I heard the words spill out of my mouth I realized the irony of that “homophone” and the timing in which the message was delivered.

I have spent a great deal of time trying to discern my “soul purpose.”  I have read books, prayed, consulted priests and psychics.  I realize this a lengthy process of discernment, but my ego (an occasional drama queen) can’t help but fantasize that some angelic messenger will appear and clearly state my life’s purpose.  Wouldn’t that just be easier for every soul involved?  If my soul’s desire is to complete its appointed mission with Susan as its vehicle, why does it have to be so shrouded in mystery and so difficult to discern?

Then it came to me, not with blasting, heavenly trumpets or choirs of singing angels, but from that quiet little voice inside me that isn’t so quiet when I stop thinking long enough for it to speak. The answer was that we truly all have the same soul purpose.  It is how we go about manifesting the mission that is different for all of us.

Our soul purpose on this earth is as Jesus said,  “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another” (John 13:34).  Here is where most of us miss the mark.  The depth of love that Jesus had for humanity was so great, so unconditional, so pure, that to truly love in this way seems impossible for most people.  Perhaps some of us get close in our love for our children, but in the remainder of our relationships we struggle to love completely and openly.  That depth of vulnerability is terrifying.  But that’s what Jesus commanded us to do.  It really is as simple as “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  It means love everyone, every being you encounter, with utter unconditional acceptance and love.  I challenge you to try it for one day.  It is not easy.

So if we are all here to love one another, and to give that love freely and unconditionally, how are you going to manifest that today?  Or better yet, how are you going to make the rest of your lifetime a testament to your soul’s purpose?  Start small… maybe a simple random act of kindness like paying for the coffee of the person behind you.  Maybe just making a point to smile at everyone you see and recognizing the God spark inside of them.  I’m fairly certain that the benefits will out weigh the effort and you will find yourself addicted to the high you get from being a vehicle of love and compassion. Our sole purpose is our soul purpose, to love one another as God loves us.





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