Stairway to Gnosis

I am a product of the ’70’s and I’m proud of it. Some of the best music came from that era, psychedelically drug induced or not. But one song has haunted me for my entire life. Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” has been my own personal anthem, if not also the anthem for my entire generation. A challenging song to slow dance to, we did anyway, ignoring the blaring crescendo at the end and still swaying to it’s haunting rhythm.

Maybe we didn’t fully understand Robert Plant’s message at the time. We were young, invincible, and Led Zeppelin was cool. When I was 14 I thought that the song was about materialism and misplaced respect for the importance of wealth. But as I have matured in my understanding of the spiritual, I hear a whole new message.

Robert Plant created a new parable for all “who have ears to hear,” a song rich with so much depth and meaning that there are many lessons hidden in it’s lyrics. Although many take Biblical parables literally, I believe their messages are deep with greater lessons as we grow in our spiritual development. With greater understanding comes greater discernment.
It is not my place to give you the message, but the seeker’s job to listen with their soul.

This rendition, performed by Heart for Robert Plant at the Kennedy Center Honors is particularly moving;
even Robert Plant is brought to tears. At this point in our history, now more than ever, the world might be ready to hear his real message…

“And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all, yeah,
to be a rock and not to roll.”


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