Imperfection Is An Illusion

When we stop to think about perfection we think of something that is unattainable; something reserved for our deity.  We know that we are flawed humans and have been taught to believe that God, the Holy Spirit and His Only Begotten Son exist in perfection.  Well, in all of my so-called ” flawed humanness,” I declare that imperfection is an illusion; an illusion created by the shadow matter of this world to keep us from connecting to our Oneness with God.

Jesus never proclaimed He was perfect.  He didn’t need to.  He proclaimed that He was the Son of God and that was enough. What patriarchal religion wants us to believe is that we are inherently separate from our God. That  we were created in God’s image, yet lacking in qualities that make us worthy.  That’s a crock and the church wants us to swallow it without choking.  A perfect God creates perfectly.  We are all sons and daughters of God, created perfectly in his/her image and our only shortcoming is that this cloud of dense matter we exist in prevents us from seeing our own divinity and perfection.

Jesus never asked us to worship Him or to revere His mutilated body on the cross.  He asked us to follow His lead!  To love unconditionally, to see and seek God/Love in all things.  He doesn’t want us to see His dying body hanging on the cross and be reminded of the imperfect sinners that we are; that he died to save our sins. He wants us to be reminded that we all have the capacity to be resurrected in our own Holiness.  Jesus’ crucifixion would have been just another execution if it were not for His resurrection!  His resurrection was the sign that none of us are separate from Mother/Father God.  He concurred the illusion of this worldly plane to show us the way to our god-ness.

Jesus’ guideline was simple. Love one another as yourself.  But the density of our ego has kept us believing that we are not worthy to love as Jesus loves, we are imperfect beings who can only try to love perfectly.  Hogwash!  You are all sons and daughters of God and we were all brought into this world with the Light of God in us.  As long as we love with ALL our heart and ALL our soul, forgive, stay centered in peace…well, then we live in a state of grace-filled perfection.

Rakhma Kareb,


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