Come On People

Quite often I will wake up with a song in my head. I always stop to think about the lyrics of the song because I believe that if I wake up out of a sound sleep humming a tune there must be a message in it.

Yesterday I woke up humming The Youngblood’s Get Together.  Even though I was born in 1964, I grew up with much older cousins and siblings all preaching peace and love.  I remember my mother looking at horror at the news coverage of the Chicago Democratic convention wondering if one of her children were participating in the fray.

The songs of the sixties were my first exposure to music. Ok, that and Johnny Mathis. My point is that I knew the music well before I could understand the lyrics.  I recalled the chorus easily, but didn’t really know all of the words to the song. After heading  off to YouTube to jog my memory on the rest of the song, I was suddenly filled with excitement.

In my last post I wrote that what separates us from God, from our own innate holiness, is the illusion of our separateness from our creator. The belief that God exists beyond us in His omniscient perfection.

I believe that once we all recognize our Oneness with our creator; understand that we are meant to be co-creators on Earth, and live by the simple rule of love, it will be “…on Earth as it is in heaven.”

With that being said, “Come on people, smile on your brother.  Everybody get together try to love one another right now.”

Rakhma Kareb,


(p.s…. Watch the video to the end, the second half of the song is the best part!)

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