You Were Created To Create

I thrive on creativity. I have more creative interests than my basement store room can hold. Creativity has always flowed easily and effortlessly from my soul, to my brain and through my hands. But I realize that is not the case for everyone. Brene’ Brown recently offered a class via Oprah Winfrey’s network encouraging people to let their creative juices flow without fear. I never realized how many people are intimidated by a box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper.

Creativity is not a skill or a gift. It’s not something you learn in art class. Mother/Father God created you to create…to co-create with Her on this planet. You are a vehicle of the Holy Spirit; the arms and legs of God. Creating is not limited to art…you cook, you write, you build things, you grow things, you parent, you nuture, you problem-solve.  You are fashioned in the image of God to create.

I subscribe to the Anima Series on YouTube and love the work that these young people are doing to inspire our youth to open their hearts and their minds to the power of Divine Love and the grace of the Holy Spirit. This video about our innate creativity is another one I am moved to share.  How ever you choose to share your creativity with the world, don’t ever insult our Creator by saying you are not creative.  You were created to create!!



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