The Space Between

Whether you are a Christian or not, whether you believe in the resurrection of Jesus or not….

I ask you to stop and consider how this video  (by the young talent at Amina) about Holy Saturday touches on that “space between.” The space between sadness and joy, failure and accomplishment. It’s that muddy place where people tend to drift for long periods of time waiting for their lives to change; that place of hopelessness which eventually leads to despair.

When Jesus died His disciples had no clue that He would return. He was dead; He was buried. They most likely feared for their own lives and spreading a message about love and forgiveness probably seemed fruitless. They probably questioned everything they had sacrificed for this man, their teacher. After all of the talk about eternal life, after declaring Himself the Son of God….He dies. Now what?

But we know what the disciples did not on that Saturday of despair and mourning. We know that Jesus conquered the trappings of the flesh and made good on everything He said. We know there is a happy ending.

Why then do we live so much of our lives in that “space between?” Why do we stay in that place of hopelessness and despair when we know that joy is just within our reach? We choose to focus on the crucifixion instead of the resurrection. We choose to stay in the despair instead of clinging to hope.

Without the resurrection, Jesus’ crucifixion would have been just another execution. We need to always remember that the “space between” is just that…a space; a moment in time that we will move through. It is not forever. Choose joy; know that there is light just on the edge of the darkness and the “Son” will rise again.


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