Hear Her Voice

If there is one topic that I will “preach” about until my dying day, it is how we as a people have been stripped of our Mother, the Divine Feminine aspect of God and left as orphans by the patriarchal church.  Most Eastern religions acknowledge, embrace and worship the many aspects of our Divine Mother, but the Catholic church and Protestant religions cling to the trinity as an entirely male triumvirate.

I will say it…I will say it again…I will say it with my last breath.  The Holy Spirit, the Birther of all things, loves us, nurtures us and cradles us in Her arms even when we fail to see Her in all of Her feminine beauty.  This video is my tribute to my Holy Mother.




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Welcome to Goddess Arriving! I'm a 52 year old mother of three budding goddesses, grad student, runner and seeker of all things spiritual. This blog is my "white space" to speak my truth and explore ways to live well and age with grace and wisdom.

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