The Gift of a Soul

I recently heard someone say that our children are only on loan to us; that God gives us these little souls to nurture and raise for only a short time.  That has never been more evident to me as it is in this heart-wrenching video about a couple whose son was diagnosed with the fatal Trisomy 13 during a routine prenatal ultrasound.

Their strength, their love and their perspective should be a lesson to all of us who so easily get caught up in the chaos of life and lose sight of the gift that our children truly are.  They teach us just as much as we teach them.  They were gifted to us to cleave open our hearts, teach us unconditional love and to grow in patience and compassion.

This is not an easy video to watch, but through the tears and the “oh my gods,” I hope you see that your children chose you for a reason.  Believe it; raise them and love them  like you won the freakin’ lottery when they picked you…

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