July Vegan UrthBox Review

July Vegan UrthBox Review

July Vegan UrthBox

This July box was extra special. For the first time, there were several items from other countries that I’ve never seen before. Most are available online, but I tend to find new foods by searching through the grocery store- and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. These are a few of my favorites, two of which are from other countries.

Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes by Element
These guys hail from Italy and are so deceiving. I admittedly am a rice cake lover, but I swear to you there isn’t even a hint of “cardboard” in these. They actually taste incredibly sweet and satisfying! I like a little bit of crunch with my chocolate- like chocolate covered potato chips- and these rice cakes provide that same sensation. Dark chocolate is great for you in moderation to lower stress levels. I don’t know what they put in the chocolate over there in Italia, but it’s damn good.

Element Rice Cakes

Citrus Chili Roasted Corn by Nourish Snacks
We’ve had these snacks before in the vegan UrthBox, but this flavor almost tasted like an entirely new food. The corn acts as a base that absorbs just about whatever you choose to season it with. These corn snacks are super, super citrusy but still palatable. Note how much protein- 3 grams in just this little bag! The protein and fiber content will keep you satiated for longer than other snacks.

Nourish Snacks Chili Corn

Lemonade Juice Box by Leaf & Love
Lemonade is the epitome of summer. I used to down glasses upon glasses of that Country Time lemon powder! These juice boxes are great for kids. They are just as tart, sweet, and yummy as other lemonade mixes but leave behind all the nasty added ingredients and artificial flavorings. Stevia is exponentially sweeter than sugar, as well.

Leaf Love Organic Lemonade

Coconut Medley with Mixed Seeds by David Roberts Foods
These are weird. They are unlike anything I’ve ever had in America (David Roberts Foods is based in Canada) and they are GOOD. The flavor is unique but addicting. Coconut is a great source of healthy fats, just like nuts, but is a better alternative for those of us who have trouble digesting nuts and seeds (i.e. gas). My sensitive tummy has no trouble with these coconut chips! They’re delicious on oatmeal, in trail mixes, and on their own.

David Roberts Foods Coconut Medley

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