Dropping Katie Off at College

It amuses me that I am never at a loss for words unless it requires me to share my emotions.  Talking about what I am feeling, especially when I’m in the grips of an emotional moment, renders me speechless.  So it was yesterday on the ten-hour drive back from New York City.

After kissing and hugging her goodbye I knew I had to walk out the door and not look back.  I knew I had to get on that elevator and take a few deep breaths to keep the water-works at bay.

For in fact, this was an amazingly happy time and in my bittersweet moment I remembered this video.  This video that so beautifully captures how the helpless infants we bring home from the hospital blossom into complex souls and competent adults.  This is what flashed before my eyes on that elevator ride down from the 14th floor.

I love you baby girl.  Call me anytime you want to “qualk.”



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