Be the Message

I am a soul created in God’s perfection.  I have a voice which God gave me to speak authentically.

One singular voice for this lifetime. This voice has a message…


Be the Message

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How different might this world be if we stopped talking about the message of Christ and started living the message?

How radical would it be if we stopped preaching the Gospel and started loving the way the Gospel teaches?

What would happen if we stopped atoning for our “sinful nature” and took action in ways that actually heal our souls and our communities?

What would happen if we realized our unity instead of clinging to our individuality?

What if Sundays were set aside as a time to feed the hungry, visit the sick and shelter the homeless?

What if we stopped checking off the “church” box and lived our faith the way God intended.

Real love isn’t romantic.  Real sacrificial love is messy and vulnerable and bloody.  Our egos don’t like pain or sacrifice.

So God sent us an example.  He gave us a living instruction manual on how to live in love.  But loving and living the way Jesus did is hard.  It’s really freakin’ hard.

So what do we do instead?  We argue about “truth” and blame our lack of faith and conviction on our “original sin.”   We cling to our smallness instead of realizing our God-given greatness.  We worship the man instead of living the message.

We have completely missed the point.

My one authentic God-given voice has a message…



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Welcome to Goddess Arriving! I'm a 52 year old mother of three budding goddesses, grad student, runner and seeker of all things spiritual. This blog is my "white space" to speak my truth and explore ways to live well and age with grace and wisdom.

2 comments on “Be the Message

  1. This is great! What I extracted as I read it from my individual perception is that it is a message not only relevant to those who would consider themselves to be practicing Christians, but it can also serve as a calling for all of humanity to live from soul essence, from Christ Consciousness, from truth and love (love beyond concept) whatever that might mean to them.

    Embodying truth looks very different than grasping it purely through mind. If you embody it, you move from it with less ego interference and you are right, it’s not always easy. It’s extremely difficult. That is what I take from your beautiful message. Live it, be it. “Miss the mark” sometimes (the translation of the word sin) learn from it and get back up again.
    I grew up in a Catholic home. Since then my relationship with Christ has dramatically evolved and would be considered very non traditional by many…still, this piece of yours appeals to me. I hope those who see themselves as non Christian see the value in it as well.
    My inner child wants to high five you for writing this. She was very vocal about seeing the adults in her community live outside of what their said beliefs were. They didn’t like hearing that from a kid 🙂 She thanks you for bringing it to our attention. This is awesome, keep writing! Bright blessings

    • Sounds like we had a lot in common as children. I was loosely raised in a Lutheran home but started seeking other religions to help make sense of the incongruencies. Ironically I ended up in the Catholic Church because most of the sacraments resonate with me, but I am on the fringe. Guess that makes me a really bad Catholic, but I try to live the truth of the gospel and explore all the ways that faith tie us together instead of divide us. Blessings, Susan

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