A Letter to Myself

Dear Suzi,

I can see that you’ve been stressed lately.  I see how it’s beginning to affect your mood, your health, your peace of mind.  I just want you to know that I’m here for you.  You are not alone, even if I seem far away right now.  I’m here to remind you that historically you are way too hard on yourself.  Remember your blog post about being perfectly imperfect?  Where is that girl now?  Where is the woman who pledged to forgive herself and to quit hiding behind the mask of perfectionism?  We all get off track sometimes and get caught up in old patterns when we are tired. You stumbled off of the path, but you know where it is…get back on it.

Don’t beat yourself up for what you see as shortcomings. They are not shortcomings, but lessons.  Go forward in your life with the intention of love and you will always end up in the right place.  Leave no room for discord, for angst, for anxiety.  Rest in knowing that I will always catch you when you stumble or fall.  Haven’t I always?

Even though I try to remind you often, you always manage to forget that you are an amazing woman, with so much love and passion to share.  You have the ability to change lives and touch souls because you are a daughter of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t ever forget where you came from.  Ok, sure, you can don that tough, Northside Chicago girl exterior when it serves you, but you are a spark of God, a vehicle of divine love.  Your only mission is to love with your whole heart and your whole soul.  Everything else is just clutter of the world and your imagination.

Next time you start to feel like this, will you please come to me instead of letting yourself slip down the rabbit hole?  You never have to go it alone.  I’m always here for you.




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Welcome to Goddess Arriving! I'm a 52 year old mother of three budding goddesses, grad student, runner and seeker of all things spiritual. This blog is my "white space" to speak my truth and explore ways to live well and age with grace and wisdom.

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