Hitching-Hiking, Soul Style

Hitch Hiking (2)

Damnit…it happens every time she leaves.

It’s like a a piece of my soul walks out the door carefully tucked into her well-packed carry-on bag.

I wonder if it’s visible in the x-ray machine…that little piece of my soul that nestled its way into her make-up case (cuz we both love make-up) waiting for her to get back to her apartment so my “soul piece” can find a more comfortable resting place.

Maybe it will hide in one of her really cool hats…that girl can rock a hat.  Floppy brim, fedora, baseball cap…doesn’t matter. She can make Good Will vintage look designer.

Maybe it will hide in her teddy bear, Pookie, whom she stole from me years ago because she loves “loved” things. Awesome hiding spot if hugs and snuggles are required, even if he needs a bath.

I wonder if there is a way to hide in her mirror?  That way she might catch a glimpse of me when she’s getting dressed or putting on her make-up.  No, bad idea…that would spook her out and she’d be calling me in a panic.

Yes, I’ve got it!  Blankie…it will weave it’s way into her blankie.  Blankie is not a secret snuggle that she pulls out when she’s alone in the dark.  Even her boyfriend has had to endure Blankie’s love.  The tattered, barely held together piece of knitted cotton, freshly washed by hand with love in Woolite, that she has loved and loved and loved since she was a baby.

It’s the perfect hiding spot.  My soul piece will weave it’s way into the well loved stitches, perfume the yarn with “Mommy” smell, and snuggle with her every night until I get to see her again.

Do you think she will notice?

(Hugs and Love Baby Girl)





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