What the Shift?

This was the first post I encountered upon opening my Facebook account this morning:


Isn’t that cheery? I used to prescribe to this attitude when I was younger. I even had this variation of Alexander Pope’s ninth beatitude scribbled in my angst-filled teenaged diary.

Later on in the day I came across this little ditty:


That’s right! Let’s set limits on our generosity so no one takes advantage of our kind hearts and open wallets. Those gosh darn “takers” just can’t control themselves. I think Irma, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Agony,” needs some TLC.

Here is one I posted on GA’s Facebook page several days ago:


Marianne Wiliamson says that a miracle is only just a shift in perspective; a shift from a negative perspective to a positive one. Although what the first post says is true, it has a negative slant to it; don’t expect too much because people will always disappoint you. The second post is also true. It is easy for people to give too much, allow themselves to be doormats, and be taken for granted.

The last post removes all of the protective negative language from the sentiment. “Act without Expectation.” Give because it feels good to give. Love without limitations or expectations. Believe in people so they may rise to the occasion. “Act” out of love without agendas, motives or need for recognition.

Unconditional love means you surrender to the need of being loved in return. You don’t keep a love bank account or a good deeds scorecard. That’s karma’s job description.

Just love…



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